Security Consulting

Our security consultants have many years of experience advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from education, government, military, to construction, manufacturing, and transportation. AlWefaq Arabia helps clients to design and plan the security solutions that answers the corporate concerns and needs and measures on how to enforce to apply and implement.

Security Solutions Integration

At Wefaq Arabia, we understand our customers’ systems and processes, and use our experience and innovation to make all the different parts work together to form a system that offers sustainable value for all stakeholders of the organization. Through partnership with many well-known technology owners, we offer high-end solution, and follow best practices in implementation and configuration, meeting all clients’ needs and answering all their concerns.

Technical Maintenance and Support

Our support is prompt, and our team is dedicated to client satisfaction. We offer support through well-trained, professional, and committed staff, and have confidence that our client appreciates honesty and transparency in handling case reports.

Technical support is available through e-mail, phone, and online tickets, and our answer is fast and our solution is comprehensive.

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What else we provide?

Highly Customizable Solutions

Our solution is employs extendable and customizable security management systems, with reliable and efficient hardware devices, we deliver high-end and cost effective solutions.

Cabling and Infrastructure

Our experienced staff of engineers and project managers work with our network of technicians to provide premier service of network cabling and infrastructure services.

Network Devices and Hardware

Through our partnership with the well-known hardware and network brands, we can offer hardware at competitive prices, at your door step, we will arrange for shipping and customs clearance.

Diverse Security Services

We extend the capabilities of our solution by integrating with third party hardware solutions. These integrations unify the user interface into one coherent system that is easy to manage and to interact with.